Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool Fall day today and still great time to have a family photo session at Yorktown Beach.  Have known the family for several years now since shooting both Cate and Sarah's Weddings.  Now they have children and what a blast!  I spent most of the day laughing!  These kiddos are a hoot!

I will be adding more in the next day, but wanted to get a few cute shots of Twins Taylor and Alex... also the newest addition to their family baby Logan.  I think he must think Alex is his newest chew toy :D

More to come...

Here is the entire family... Fun bunch!
 L to R: Eric and Sarah with
Baby Logan; Mary and Topper;
Cate and Jason with Baby Will...
Now the show stopper in this shot,
were the TWINS Taylor and her brother Alex... Boy that is some KISS!

Photo below:  These two are so close and what a sweet shot... even a mother can love this one!
( Cate I promise I am going to put up some more of your sweet little boy Will!  I have some really cute ones of him too...)

Cate and Jason are proud new parents of this little guy!
 Will is such a sweet baby and other than us getting him a little chilly...
Will did everything we asked him to do!  Great start Will!
Thanks for having me and what a fun new adventure!


  1. This is a perfect Picture!! I LOVE that you captured the moment of the new family!

  2. Kelly,
    Thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures of our family. I love the ones that you have posted so far and can't wait to see the rest. You have such an incredible talent for capturing the essence of the moment.

  3. Kelly we all just love the pictures and it was so much fun doing the session. Of course we expected it to be great since both the weddings were so terrific. We're glad we could get a session in while they were home from Boston.

  4. I loved the casual look to the pictures- just catching the family as usual laughing and having a good time together. Great job!

  5. It was such a fun day! Thanks for capturing all the fun times we had!