Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hampton Roads Photographer~ Christmas at Liberty

©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer
The phone rang last Friday with a familiar voice on the other end... Jane asked, " Are you available to shoot the Christmas production at Liberty?" Sure was, so after a full weekend and running a 5k... I geared up and shot the Christmas celebration Sunday evening.  Getting the inside scoop in hearing the creative planning, I knew it was going to be a good one.  What talent the Liberty folks share with the community!
There were surprises and twists to the night as our human shortcomings were challenged!  One guy was dressed as a homeless man with a sign, Homeless Need Help Please!  He wasn't treated very nicely as he wondered through the crowds before the Production began... only for people to find him walk up on stage and sing with an amazingly deep passionate voice... audible gasps were heard throughout the audience.  Really made One examine the heart... 
Watched Blue People being made up. Incredible talent playing drums or should I say, trash cans, pipes, fencing, and anything else they could bang on!
Movement, talent, timing, lighting, and so much more played a role in a very successful Christmas Celebration!  I loved the lighting and action... a photographers dream.  For any who would like to catch a glimpse of spectacular, professionalism, and darn good talent... Check out Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton... They are the real deal and really reach out to YOU and the community!

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