Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fast Paced and Fun!

Busy week and weekend... Not complaining at all!~  Week of shooting and Saturdays shoot was a change of pace.  I was working with a wonderful realtor, Jolene.  We are shooting for her new website and had some great people partnering with her to make this happen!  One couple who were stunning to capture digitally while the sun was setting, it was icing on the cake for a photographer.  They were a beautiful young married couple, Chris and Shavon... see for yourself!

Then a small wedding at the William and Mary College either finished out the weekend or started the new week.  My handsome nephew and beautiful new niece!  Congrats Micah and Caitlin!!! Love you both!

Great Family session as well!  Rob and Fiona with their wonderful children!  We had a good time enjoying the last of the warm weather!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture you all today!  I enjoyed meeting you and your children and what a blessing!  You all have a real legacy going there!

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  1. you take the best pictures!! i wish i could do that :)