Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aaron and Sara

The sun had hidden permanently behind the clouds and daylight was quickly fading.  The delays in preparation are known by too many brides, thank goodness for trial runs before the big day.  There is always a bright side to everything or any kind of set back or delay.  Meeting and working with Aaron and Sara brought about that bright lining to the very grey day!  When approaching the site desired by the groom to be, we found a huge piece of farm machinery that had done it days work...all the corn in the field was gone!
Oh well, still made for a fun shoot!  We were chasing what little light existed... so we had to create some light.  I think for this wonderful couple being with each other made the day no matter what!  Sara and Aaron were great to work with and such kind people.  I see  a great future ahead for these two!
Congrats Aaron and Sara and thank you for entrusting me with your e-session!

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  1. Very cool and dramatic- definately not your usual engagement pix!