Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photo session in Historic Williamsburg

A great day for an "Upper Class" photo session with Alicia.  We were in and around the Historic Williamsburg area, with some great backdrops!  It always helps having a great subject to photograph especially when the temp is 32 degrees.  What a trooper Alicia was to weather the cold and still put on a pretty face!
Thanks Alicia for having me do your photo session and look forward to many more ahead!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Look who showed up!

What a wonderful surprise as  I heard my name called out in a large crowd.  It was some good friends coming to a see a great production!  I had been photographing the cast and while waiting for the last few, my friends stood in so as not to allow the set to be lonely.  The Christmas season has been a busy one for photography.  What a great blessing and a blast!  Soon will have up a couple of shots from the cast by the first of the year.  Thanks for stopping in guys!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Session

Well Well,  Too MUCH Red Bull tonight!  I am playing with some family sessions and editing tonight or should I say this morning!  How fun though!  Always love being able to create more from a session.  Waiting out the big snow storm of the year and preparing to do a wedding in the snow later today.  Stay tuned, I will be putting some of those up after the wedding.  Hmmm a bride in white on white snow?  Sounds interesting to me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fast Paced and Fun!

Busy week and weekend... Not complaining at all!~  Week of shooting and Saturdays shoot was a change of pace.  I was working with a wonderful realtor, Jolene.  We are shooting for her new website and had some great people partnering with her to make this happen!  One couple who were stunning to capture digitally while the sun was setting, it was icing on the cake for a photographer.  They were a beautiful young married couple, Chris and Shavon... see for yourself!

Then a small wedding at the William and Mary College either finished out the weekend or started the new week.  My handsome nephew and beautiful new niece!  Congrats Micah and Caitlin!!! Love you both!

Great Family session as well!  Rob and Fiona with their wonderful children!  We had a good time enjoying the last of the warm weather!  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture you all today!  I enjoyed meeting you and your children and what a blessing!  You all have a real legacy going there!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aaron and Sara

The sun had hidden permanently behind the clouds and daylight was quickly fading.  The delays in preparation are known by too many brides, thank goodness for trial runs before the big day.  There is always a bright side to everything or any kind of set back or delay.  Meeting and working with Aaron and Sara brought about that bright lining to the very grey day!  When approaching the site desired by the groom to be, we found a huge piece of farm machinery that had done it days work...all the corn in the field was gone!
Oh well, still made for a fun shoot!  We were chasing what little light existed... so we had to create some light.  I think for this wonderful couple being with each other made the day no matter what!  Sara and Aaron were great to work with and such kind people.  I see  a great future ahead for these two!
Congrats Aaron and Sara and thank you for entrusting me with your e-session!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A little piece of Heaven!

Just when you think Winter has arrived, then a wave of warmth fills the air.  Leaves had just dropped the day before arriving in CT.  There is the most beautiful red maple in the front of the most amazing New England farm.  So many memories and so many more to make... all of it warms the heart and soul, the people chosen to take my parents place if anything had ever happened to them.  Many hope only to have one set of great parents, but to have had two and three sets is a miracle.  I was so blessed to be that person! Not only with great parents, but then to have incredible God-Parents is a wonderful thing... who can stand so much loving!  The hills and rocks of CT stand strong and majestic as you wind through the roads, sometimes as if in a race hugging the curves.  The fresh air and great company, the scenery and quaint towns are fuel to a driven person whose only down time is when asleep.  One can not even receive cell phone calls. Talk about peace as well as peace of mind.  Really makes One wonder what the heck am I doing working day and night?  Oh yeah it is called a living... I really am passionate about it too!  I do realize with the same passion I work, I need to have that same passion to relax and enjoy more of the little things in life that are really the biggest and most important...PEOPLE, those that are near and dear to us!

The Goodspeed Opera House( Historic and beautiful)
Went to an off broadway musical
" A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"

There was never, I mean never a dull moment. You can only guess what happened here... I'll never tell!

My Pretty Sissy here... The beauty of the rolling hills and stone walls lining the roadways.
Hmmm, did someone say you shouldn't play on the yellow lines?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sneak Peek

It's been an exciting and challenging session over the last week.  I am shooting some photos for a state project and ran into this wonderful couple from Springfield.  They were more than happy to pose for me and help out with this session.  This beautiful couple were very easy to shoot, you can really see they love each other and captured the emotion.   Thanks guys!

                                ©2009Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer

                                 ©2009Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer

                                 ©2009Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Time

What a busy week!  Great new challenges and as many know, as a photographer one MUST be able to multi-task.  Some days I just get to the multi part :D
DC on Friday, Commercial shoot on Saturday, and today was my Grandmother's 98th b-day celebration!
As a photographer you can't get away from family photography, especially when it is your own family.
My Mother requested a 5 generation photo and then my niece Jen wanted her family photographed.
So here are a few to take a peek at....

These guys are my biggest fans!

My Great Niece is a beauty!  Full of non-stop energy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ashley and Tim

This wedding was a thriller!  You never knew what was waiting around the corner... never a dull moment.  GREAT fun and have known and loved this family since I was a kid...
 Ashley's Bridal Portrait taken from the Fire Station in Williamsburg. She wanted to be photographed on the antique fire engine her grandfather used, when he first was a fireman.
Ashley and Tim are now married and will be on their way
to their first assignment as husband and wife... CONGRATS!