Sunday, August 29, 2010

Williamsburg Wedding Photographer~Pure Elegance!

©2010 Kelly J. Mihalcoe, Photographer All Rights Reserved
 Alison and Josh made a cake topping couple!  Beautiful people inside and out! Very interesting story, these two met while both their families were over seas as missionaries.  This should encourage all future brides to be... don't give up!  You never know where you might meet your future husband or wife.
I am honored to have been a part of this couples special day, as you can see we had a fun filled bridal session.  On the beautiful horse farm of special friends to the family,  the stables and pastures were as a painted backdrop!  Wow, elegance mixed with the rustic tank and stable... I think you could have placed Alison in any scene and she would have made it breath-taking!  What mood and emotion was captured when photographing Alison, she made my job easy!  Thanks to you and your family! 
More photos to come this week~

Architectural Photographer~New Town Williamsburg Virginia

Twilights are one of my passions!  Photographing bricks,morter,concrete,steal, and still Lighting is everything!  All the makings for a beautiful building, unlit still looks like a building.  When lit correctly in the Right moment brings the Architectural structure to LIFE!  Photographed  in New Town Williamsburg, Virginia... The New Town Cinemas.  Crosswalk Community Church is having meetings on Sunday mornings now as an extension of their Norge location.  The theater is also a great place to enjoy a good movie... Check out both Crosswalk and New Town Cinemas!
©2010 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer: All Rights Reserved
©2009 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer: All Rights Reserved


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fairy Tales Do Come True! ~ Williamsburg Wedding Photographer

Shannon and Sam put a huge smile on my face while photographing them and still as I look through their e-session!  What a great joy to shoot~ this couple are a photographers dream.  There is no question of their love for one another!  Meeting each other in India, working together in ministry.  Side by side I have no doubt Sam and Shannon are going to be successful in all they do!  It is an honor to be a part of this special dream come true~  Wedding on Labor Day at the Freight Shed in Yorktown, going to be a gorgeous occasion!  Making a photographers dream come true as well!  Congrats guys!  Love you both and can't wait for the day~
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lake Oconee House Rental~Vacation Rentals~Georgia Wedding Photographer~Little Italy

This adventure started out with the thought in mind, "I need to make a road trip to Atlanta to visit a missionary friend of mine from Ireland."  I say adventure because it turned into an amazing get away not just to Atlanta and the Atlanta Market... for all the shopping addicts, YOU would have exploded!  After having visited with my friend, the Market, Atlanta, and some wonderful people... then came the most exciting get away and treasured find!  Tucked away on backroads to what opens up to be a haven, a little piece of another world.  A Tuscan villa on Lake Oconee within a beautiful resort I found REST!  Great spot for family, friends, Wedding, Events of any sort... or as I found... a peaceful get away.  I looked around to feel I was a Queen within my Villa on the side of the Lake surrounded by water!  An amazing resort pool on one side and a picture perfect view of Lake Oconee surrounding this property.  There is something about water that calms the soul!  The dock just below the Villa for swimming or boating.  This Tuscany Villa alone is breath-taking and the nucleus for rest and fun.  Golf within walking, as well as Dining and so much more!  You have to see it for yourself!  Call and book today for Your Tuscany Get Away!!!!  Where Pleasure meets Paradise!
Call Gina Maney today! (404-432-7759)
©2010 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
All Rights Reserved
©2010 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
All Rights Reserved
©2010 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
All Rights Reserved
©2010 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
All Rights Reserved