Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Williamsburg Photographer~Becoming Indian

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I was driving down the road after a long week of shooting and a wedding in Montross, Virginia.
All day Sunday I had a creative thought come to mind.  Not much comes to mind usually after such a taxing week.  I do love what I do and love being able to create!  The biggest challenge I feel for a Professional Photographer in these digital days, are the unending hours of post production when a shoot is complete.  Definitely a difference from the film days... I have had the opportunity to shoot many great things the last 4 weeks straight.  I will be posting them soon!  I did want to share with you the idea I had and see what you think...  This is Shannon, she just married on 6th of September 2010.  Shan has a heart for the kids in India.  She and her husband want to help the kids that are trapped in sex trafficking with no hope of any good thing. They want to help them get out and come to know what true and right love is all about.  They are ministers and want to reach these kids, giving them an opportunity to have a future and it be a good one!  My idea for this shot was to capture Shannon's amazingly beautiful green eyes! The "eyes are the lamp into the soul".  I love her piercing, illuminated green eyes and was trying to capture the emotion behind these eyes.  Shannon is getting ready to take the huge step in her life,  living out her passion becoming an Indian Woman in an Indian culture.  With the loving help of her amazing husband Sam, I believe they will be very successful!  This is a face for National Geo!  
You can go to http://www.imaginenations.us to support their efforts for the Meyyar House Ministry