Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hampton Roads Photographer~ Christmas at Liberty

©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer
The phone rang last Friday with a familiar voice on the other end... Jane asked, " Are you available to shoot the Christmas production at Liberty?" Sure was, so after a full weekend and running a 5k... I geared up and shot the Christmas celebration Sunday evening.  Getting the inside scoop in hearing the creative planning, I knew it was going to be a good one.  What talent the Liberty folks share with the community!
There were surprises and twists to the night as our human shortcomings were challenged!  One guy was dressed as a homeless man with a sign, Homeless Need Help Please!  He wasn't treated very nicely as he wondered through the crowds before the Production began... only for people to find him walk up on stage and sing with an amazingly deep passionate voice... audible gasps were heard throughout the audience.  Really made One examine the heart... 
Watched Blue People being made up. Incredible talent playing drums or should I say, trash cans, pipes, fencing, and anything else they could bang on!
Movement, talent, timing, lighting, and so much more played a role in a very successful Christmas Celebration!  I loved the lighting and action... a photographers dream.  For any who would like to catch a glimpse of spectacular, professionalism, and darn good talent... Check out Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton... They are the real deal and really reach out to YOU and the community!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Williamsburg Wedding Photographer~Tina+Sean

Enjoyed a beautiful day shooting before the storm clouds rolled in. Captured some fun shots, thanks for entrusting me with your e-session!
Tina called, asking if I could photograph she and Sean with his Harley for an engagement session.  Obviously I was excited to do so... these guys will be getting married next week and were wanting some shots to use during the wedding.  Fun, creative, relaxed, and very flexible... Tina and Sean made my job easy!  Thanks and congrats!
©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer All Rights Reserved
                                  ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
                                 ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
                                 ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
                                 ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
                                 ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
                                 ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer
                                 ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Virginia Photographer- South Hill Virginia

What a great town to visit!  South Hill is in some ways like walking into Mayberry.  Wonderful people, interesting sites and experiences you won't find in just any town... food that is off the chain good!  Try the Horseshoe Restaurant for a great food experience.  You will learn the history of the restaurant as well as tasting the fried green tomato BLT.  Flavors for every pallet!  Incredible restored Theater~ All sorts of productions and so much talent in the town.
From the Theater to model trains, Family Farm Life to Doll collections... there is so much more that I must explore.  Great Hospitality, treated like you have been a good friend forever... Experience South Hill for yourself~ You will not be disappointed!
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Williamsburg Photographer~Coyote Run

©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer All Rights Reserved
Coyote Run
        Wait until you see and hear this group! Great group, interesting, talented, and a band to remember! I had the honor of photographing this group last week… think you will be more than entertained!
 David Doersch, contacted me describing what he would like or what they were looking for in a new series of photos.  These were to help rebrand their band for press kits, web, and pr materials.  This is just one of a series of shots... what a blast!  David and his band were all impressive people, can't wait to see them live July 15th and 16th in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Coyote Run is a Celtic Rock band and are releasing their new CD for 2011 named 10 1/2.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Williamsburg Photographer~Becoming Indian

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All Rights Reserved

I was driving down the road after a long week of shooting and a wedding in Montross, Virginia.
All day Sunday I had a creative thought come to mind.  Not much comes to mind usually after such a taxing week.  I do love what I do and love being able to create!  The biggest challenge I feel for a Professional Photographer in these digital days, are the unending hours of post production when a shoot is complete.  Definitely a difference from the film days... I have had the opportunity to shoot many great things the last 4 weeks straight.  I will be posting them soon!  I did want to share with you the idea I had and see what you think...  This is Shannon, she just married on 6th of September 2010.  Shan has a heart for the kids in India.  She and her husband want to help the kids that are trapped in sex trafficking with no hope of any good thing. They want to help them get out and come to know what true and right love is all about.  They are ministers and want to reach these kids, giving them an opportunity to have a future and it be a good one!  My idea for this shot was to capture Shannon's amazingly beautiful green eyes! The "eyes are the lamp into the soul".  I love her piercing, illuminated green eyes and was trying to capture the emotion behind these eyes.  Shannon is getting ready to take the huge step in her life,  living out her passion becoming an Indian Woman in an Indian culture.  With the loving help of her amazing husband Sam, I believe they will be very successful!  This is a face for National Geo!  
You can go to to support their efforts for the Meyyar House Ministry

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Williamsburg Wedding Photographer~Williamsburg Winery

One could only  hope to have the perfect wedding for their son or daughter! You wait a lifetime to see them marry!  Royal weddings or  those in Hollywood, would not have topped  Jen and Michaels big day~ I have seen it all now!  Jen and Michael have known each other since they were very little and never dreamed one day they would not only be best friends, but husband and wife.  This was a story that only fairy tails are made of...  I have to say the MOST BEAUTIFUL Bride on the planet looking prettier than a Princess... Michael was a pretty good Prince Charming himself!  This couple shared so many things, from their love of friends and family, their passion for God, adventure and enjoying the simple things in life... one another's company and the joys of a great relationship.  Jen and Michaels attention to detail, wanting all their guests to have the time of their lives made this special event not only spectacular but the event of the year!  Jen began with all the preparations in Serenity Nail and Spa, followed by the wedding day getting hair done at Janet's Hair Salon.  Pre-Wedding shots began for the ladies with planes and a red Corvette, thanks to Buz.  The guys were working on their shots with a good friend and photographer Brad Howe, thanks Brad you rock!
I so appreciate so many of the Vendors!  We were able to engage the NEW Williamsburg Photo Booth with Steven Daley.  This was a HUGE hit with all the guests and made not only fun times for them but an album of hilarious memories for the Bride and Groom!  Thanks Steven and Liz!  All weddings and events should engage this New Venture as it will change the face of your event!  Up lights were rented from Stage Right Lighting in Va. Beach and made a very nice reception turn into an elegant display of mood and emotion.
This beautiful little girl grew up right before my eyes and I am so proud of who she has become!  This is my first born Niece and was honored to not only be apart of their day, but be able to capture their STORY and personality, the joys, and tears of the blessed union.

Ceremony: Williamsburg United Methodist Church
Flowers: The Flower Cupboard
Reception: Williamsburg Winery
DJ : Nick
Caterer: Second Street of Williamsburg
Photo Booth: Williamsburg Photo Booth ~TO VIEW:  Name: jen(Lower Case) Password: Mike( Capital M)
Lighting: Stage Right Lighting
Minister: John Ritner of Williamsburg Community Chapel
©2011Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer all rights reserved
©2011Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer all rights reserved
©2011Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer all rights reserved

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Norfolk Photographer~ A VERY Happy Birthday!

One can only hope to have such good family, friends, and husband!  Donna had confirmation of what she already knew to be A+ in all the above!  Her sweet husband Bob, spear headed a surprise birthday party from the other side of the world... Donna had no clue what he was up too.  She arrives at her sister in laws, to find a crowd of people awaiting her celebration.  Everyone could only hope this to be a real surprise!  NO ONE was disappointed!  Donna arrived and was more than shocked as she hesitated to make her entrance.  Once inside, all greeted her including Bob her husband from the other side of the world through Skype.  He was able to see her surprise and joy.  Then came the best present of all... Bob had arranged to fly Donna's sister in from out of state and have her deliver His birthday card.  I don't know if the room was more filled with tears or smiles as Donna turned around... no one would have expected her surprised reaction... SHOCK, laughter, tears, hugs, more tears, more hugs, more laughter!  It was a great time had by all and an UNFORGETTABLE memory that will forever go down in history!  Happiest of Birthdays Donna!  Great job Bob and TEAM!
©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer LLC All Rights Reserved
 ©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer LLC All Rights Reserved
©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe Photographer LLC All Rights Reserved


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Richmond Photographer~A Pastors Adventure Through Prayer

I received a call from Pastor Wade Trump of Jamestown Christian Fellowship in Williamsburg, Virginia a few days ago.  Wade wanted to know if I would be available to capture a very important moment for him...The Opening Prayer for January 26th session in the General Assembly.  Of course he was excited and so was I, I was honored to be able to be apart of this exciting time for he and his wife Lisa.
So today we set off to Richmond, I decided even in the rain to document the day... All the people apart of this session were so friendly, from staff to the delegates themselves couldn't be more helpful and accepting of our presence.  Delegate Brenda Pogge had opened the door for this day to come to pass.  On the drive up a real sense of destiny or heritage was impressed upon me as my Grandmother who passed in 2010 had sat in those sessions for more than 60-70 years and only stopped last year or so as she was 98 years old.
Wade delivered a very powerful prayer for the families of those there, their protection, as well as asking God for guidance in making their decisions with integrity and wisdom.  Many were touched and moved by the prayer that was very personal.  Wade was graciously received and given a gift as he left the podium.  What an opportunity!  Great job Wade!  You more than met all you felt you were to accomplish.  Wade was fascinating to watch today as he asked if he could pray for everyone from parking security to all those along the way in his adventure.  All were so open to him doing so and really appreciated it!
©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer LLC  All Rights Reserved
©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer LLC  All Rights Reserved
©2011 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer LLC  All Rights Reserved