Monday, April 19, 2010

Williamsburg Wedding Photographer- Much to do! From the Mountains, Anniversary shoot, to Tea Party Rally shoot!

So excited and yet much to do yet... Let me see where to start.  An Amazing Mountain trip to the Shenandoah National Park on Skyline Drive.  The Resort called Skyland will be celebrating it's 75th Anniversary next year and am working with the Tourism to capture the breath-taking views.
Also, photographed two incredible people for their 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Carol is probably more beautiful then she was 20 years ago.  She slipped back into her wedding gown from that special day and time.  Mike also handsome, adoring his wife and game for the idea of creating that Day all over again.  These guys were great to work with making a warm day very picturesque.  From Historic Williamsburg to College Creek Beach.  Great emotion and fun to photograph!  Thanks for trusting me to make your new memories in print :D

Tax Day Shoot was a change of photography and pace... photograph the Richmond Tea Party Rally of over 5,000 people plus.  Very interesting actually!  Not an angry mob, not bigots or racists, not all that have heard them to be... just very concerned citizens for our future.  Seemingly all they want is little government and a future for their children and grandchildren.  Keynote speaker  Charles Payne was a man of integrity and character!  An Incredible American!  What testimony of his life and where he has come from and all the hope he spoke to the group.  Very inspiring!  Thanks Charles and nice to meet you and your beautiful wife!