Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Time

What a busy week!  Great new challenges and as many know, as a photographer one MUST be able to multi-task.  Some days I just get to the multi part :D
DC on Friday, Commercial shoot on Saturday, and today was my Grandmother's 98th b-day celebration!
As a photographer you can't get away from family photography, especially when it is your own family.
My Mother requested a 5 generation photo and then my niece Jen wanted her family photographed.
So here are a few to take a peek at....

These guys are my biggest fans!

My Great Niece is a beauty!  Full of non-stop energy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ashley and Tim

This wedding was a thriller!  You never knew what was waiting around the corner... never a dull moment.  GREAT fun and have known and loved this family since I was a kid...
 Ashley's Bridal Portrait taken from the Fire Station in Williamsburg. She wanted to be photographed on the antique fire engine her grandfather used, when he first was a fireman.
Ashley and Tim are now married and will be on their way
to their first assignment as husband and wife... CONGRATS!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mini Fisherman

Photo sessions always take an unexpected turn... who knew?  The plan was to get a few shots of the little fisherman at the York River and then head to another location.  Well, little mr Jason decided to not only fish... he became a soaked...sand covered model.  He had a blast playing in the sand and getting sand in his mothers hair as well.  So you guessed it.... photo session was over after this location... thanks Ami!  He is a great kid, he's a lot of fun to shoot and play with too!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool Fall day today and still great time to have a family photo session at Yorktown Beach.  Have known the family for several years now since shooting both Cate and Sarah's Weddings.  Now they have children and what a blast!  I spent most of the day laughing!  These kiddos are a hoot!

I will be adding more in the next day, but wanted to get a few cute shots of Twins Taylor and Alex... also the newest addition to their family baby Logan.  I think he must think Alex is his newest chew toy :D

More to come...

Here is the entire family... Fun bunch!
 L to R: Eric and Sarah with
Baby Logan; Mary and Topper;
Cate and Jason with Baby Will...
Now the show stopper in this shot,
were the TWINS Taylor and her brother Alex... Boy that is some KISS!

Photo below:  These two are so close and what a sweet shot... even a mother can love this one!
( Cate I promise I am going to put up some more of your sweet little boy Will!  I have some really cute ones of him too...)

Cate and Jason are proud new parents of this little guy!
 Will is such a sweet baby and other than us getting him a little chilly...
Will did everything we asked him to do!  Great start Will!
Thanks for having me and what a fun new adventure!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christine and DJ's Wedding in Richmond, Virginia

What a fantastic wedding!  Christine and DJ's wedding started at the historic home of Thomas Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia (Tuckahoe Plantation) with a reception that danced the night away!  Great time and congrats guys!  Thank you so much for entrusting me as your wedding photographer!
You can see more images of this great event at  They are on the Wedding II Gallery...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jessica and Scooby's "Upper Class" Photo Session

What a blast today shooting an "Upper Class" session with Jessica and Scooby!  Great job ladies!  Jessica had her BFF Scooby come join her for her session today at the horse stables.  These ladies have known each other since first grade.  I'd say that is a BFF!  Jessica's parents were  wonderful at entertaining us all, they brought about many smiles!  Wonderful family!

Legend and Jessica

Truly BFFs

Friday, October 2, 2009

Five Days Old

I had a great session with Angelina and Vasudev!  Thanks guys!  Your amazing and beautiful baby Seva was so much fun to photograph!  I look forward to many fun expressions in the future to capture!
Congrats you all!