Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Williamsburg Wedding Photographer~KingsMill Wedding

Here it is... the day that Caryn and Jeff had been planning for all year.  Their special and most important day was unfolding!  Outdoor weddings can always be nerve racking to plan, as one never knows if the weather will cooperate.  The weather was amazing,  everything just fell into place as hoped!  I met with Caryn and Jeff the beginning of the year to book their wedding then to start the process of creating their story.  We first discussed their e-session... they both love Williamsburg since they graduated from The College of William and Mary.  I wanted to photograph them in Washington D.C. as I thought it would be fun to do both.  They were wonderful and agreed to my proposal.  It is always great to do an e-session with your photographer as it allows you time to become comfortable with the camera and allows your photographer to get to know you better and capture your personality.
The Wedding day began at The Kingsmill Resort Spa where the Bride and Bridesmaids were having their hair and make-up done... then to the room for preparation for the wedding.  An elegant wedding, sweet ceremony surrounded by the most amazing view, flowers, family and friends.  When all the planning, time, and effort goes into a wedding like this, all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy celebrating the day!  Caryn and Jeff were great fun to spend the day documenting their new life together!  Thanks for entrusting this most important day to me!  Wish you all the best!
©2010 Kelly J Mihalcoe, Photographer LLC  All Rights Reserved on all photos below

Hair/Make-up: The Kingsmill Resort Spa
Catering/Cake: The Kingsmill Resort